Tournament Players & Coaches - Get Your Own Personalized, Custom-Made Hypnosis mp3

Targeted To Your Exact Tennis On-Court Needs | Use on Smartphone, Tablet, Devices |  Ongoing Benefits


Tournament players - get your own personalized custom-made tennis 'hypnosis / visualization' recording, to help you:

* overcome mental barriers
* achieve your tennis goals
* increase belief and confidence
* deepen focus and concentration
* overcome tournament nerves
* overcome temper, anger and frustration on court
* reinforce technique
* strengthen motivation to train
* automate specific aspects - eg. early preparation
* accelerate learning and mastery of particular shots
* beat intimidation from higher ranked players, etc
* release negativity

Created personally by Craig Townsend (clinical hypnotherapist / former coach), and you take an active role in the creation of the script as well, and can even write your own content.  Once you finally "OK" the final draft of your 'script', it is then recorded  and sent to you by mp3 download (or CD if you prefer - mailed from Nevada) - so the process only takes a few days! (and we can even organize tweaking the content on your recordings down the track - as your achieve your goals, and your needs change).

These custom made programs contain personalized hypnotic suggestions and visualization created specifically for you and your own game, and tailored to your exact on-court needs, and can be created for only $149.95 (or less for multiple purchases), which covers the cost of the creation of your personal hypnosis script (ie. the hypnotic suggestions and possible visualization), the audio recording of script, sound processing, and uploading of the files.

* PLUS - 5 Bonus Extras ($125 value):
As well as the main hypnosis recording Craig will create for you, you can also ask Craig to include for you, 100% FREE, these recordings (some only available when receiving your recordings by download, as they wont all fit onto CD).:

* a 'bedtime version' of your main recording - contains a short relaxation, followed by your personal hypnotic suggestions and visualization, then simply drift off to sleep as the relaxation music fades out slowly. (mp3 only).

* a 'subliminal sleep recording' - fall asleep each night to the sound of beautiful music while your own hypnotic suggestions are playing silently and subliminally to your subconscious mind, hidden underneath the soundtrack.

* a 'motivational pre-match recording' - a copy of your own hypnotic suggestions which you can safely play in the car on your way to tennis, work, school, etc. 

* 'Mind Training for Tennis Essential Info' - from our main program, explaining various techniques and methods (mp3 only).

* 'The Power of Belief' - and info recording discussing how belief and visualization affect performance (mp3 only).

Option 1 - Single Player Recording

Personalized Hypnosis / Visualization Recording + 5 Bonus Recordings (valued at $220 - $125 of free extras included)



Or a Non-Tennis Custom Recording (for any area of your life) + 3 bonus extra recordings.































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Custom Hypnosis Recordings for Tournament Players

mp3 Download

Your Own Personal:
Daily Hypnosis / Visualization
Plus $125 of Bonus Extras below (available on mp3):

Alternative Bedtime version
Sleep Subliminal
Pre-match Motivational
Essential Info Manual
The Power of Belief