What Your Opponent Doesn't Want You To Know

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When you walk out onto court, this is the time when you want to be feeling calm, powerful, strong and confident.

Unfortunately, a lot of players do not feel this way, as they walk out for a match. Many are worrying about how they will play, and often are also intimidated or concerned about their opponent's ability.

The most important thing to remember here is we give our opposition far too much credit!

Remember that you are not competing against powerful, unemotional robots, who never have a bad day.

Sure, that's the impression they try to create for you, hoping you will believe it.

Your opponent wants you to believe they are cool, calm, powerful, relentless, emotionless and in control, and that they are not the slightest bit worried about playing you.

But the fact is - it's not true. It's so very, very far from the truth.

Instead, you are merely competing against a normal, everyday, emotional, equally-nervous human being, with all the various frailties that come with being human - and who is also experiencing the same emotional feelings, the same highs and lows, the same nerves, the same intimidation, and everything else that you may also feel at times on court.

When you think about it, you probably know very little about your competiotor's mental state of mind, or physical health - and yet we always seem to assume they are going to play better than us, and feel more confident than we do!

But - most of the time, the simple fact is..... they're not. All this fear is simply stuff that our conscous mind throws at us before we walk on court.

Simply by - for just a few seconds - moving your focus from yourself and seeing the match through the eyes of your opponent, can often be enough to take the major edge off your nerves.

Yes, I know - it sounds almost too simple to be true, but it truly does help. It reminds us that we are not competing against super-human powers - we are simply playing against regular everyday human beings, who happened to turn up to play today - and who may be experiencing the same emotional or physical frailties that you have also experienced, in the past.

One thing you can definitely be assured of is that your opponent is feeling nervous - that is an absolute given.

But what you don't know is, they may also be feeling low in confidence, ill, injured, upset, or a whole host of other mental or physical influences - any of which may give you the edge.

So never assume that you are the only player who is feeling nervous out there - you will be in a draw with 63 other players who will all be feeling exactly the same.

But the difference is - you have the edge!

You already know they are nervous. Plus, by using the mental technique of looking at the match through their eyes, it strengthens your own confidence - and this will make you feel stronger.

Even better, your competitors will not know this technique! They will be dwelling upon their own negative thoughts - of intimidation, nerves, injuries, etc etc.

Keep this little technique in mind before you step onto court - it's just another way of getting into the mind of your opponent, and under their skin!

"The Mind controls the body, and the Mind is Unlimited"

The best of success, Craig Townsend

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